Product Management & Business Development
Web Integration & New Technologies
Creative Marketing & Brand Specialists
International Creative Industry Networks
Artistic & Executive Production and Management
  • Personalized attention and taylor made assessments.
  • Product & Brand Management. Content Marketing.
  • International Creative Networks in 4 continents.
  • Physical presence in Chile and The Netherlands.
  • Strategic Alliances & Sponsorship Generators.
  • Affiliate Marketing & EG Associates Program.
  • Creative Innovation in English & Spanish.
  • Awarded the highest score by the Regional Support Program for Entrepreneurs (PRAE), Corfo Biobío, Chile, 2015.
  • Board Members of the Technological Association for E- Services Enterprises (Asociación Tecnológica de Empresas E-Services), Biobío Region, Chile, since 2017.



Creative Global and Social Innovation.



Connecting the world through creative business development projects in a wide array of areas:

Eco-Digital technology to eliminate paper, digitally advertise and lower ticket prices worldwide. 

Épico PRO
Épico PRO

Artistic and Executive Production Unit. Providers of a wide array of artistic acts in Chile and abroad.

Épico MKT
Épico MKT

Corporate Identity, Branding & Merchandising. Content Marketing & Communications.

Épico TI
Épico TI

Development and Implementation of creative industries-specialized apps and sites.

Epico Group´s Associates Program Epico Group´s Associates Program

The EG Associates Program connects Concepción-Chile, with other creative economy hubs in four different continents, exchanging knowledge and professional experiences while using big data for a model that innovates with technologies created to benefit consumers, sponsors and ultimately, the creative industry worldwide.

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